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Drents Museum

Explore the renovated Drents Museum. The museum has been opened to the public again since November 2011. By having added a large new development the museum contains much space for large, alternating, international exhibitions. The building that already existed has been re-designed as well, which resulted in a fine contrast between the old and the new. The new exhibition hall of the museum is partly underground and has the old coach house as background. The old part of the museum comprises the permanent departments of Archeology, Contemporary Realism and Art from 1885-1935, while the new museum wing offers large exibitions.

Dead Sea Scrolls

Once again, the Drents Museum has managed to get an unique archeological phenomena of global importance, to be exhibited in the Netherlands. From the 9th of July onwards the museum in Assen will offer a large exhibition about the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

Children's museum

Specifically for children, aged 6 - 12, the Drents Museum has a Children's Museum and one that is full of energy! This interactive Children's museum has been developed in cooperation with the Dutch Oil Company NAM and in a playful way it teaches children how to use energy.