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For kids only!

Every day is a party for children. You only have to go outside with them and there is something to experience. Climbing and clambering forests, swimming pools and swimming pools, visit a shepherd or take a journey through time with The Nature Game. Want to see wild animals up close? That is possible in Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen. And that gnomes do not only exist in fairy tales, you will also discover that in Drenthe. Whether you like roller coasters, wildlife or TV heroes, you'll find them all here.

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The Nature Game Drenthe

The Nature Game Drenthe

It is a fairy tale, it is a cool game... and it teaches you about nature. The Nature Game is a magical tablet game. The Spectator is your secret viewer, allowing you to see things that remain hidden to other people. You walk on a treasure map and the compass shows you the way, via videos, riddles, and interactive games. It is a unique story that you can only experience right here.

Step into the breathtakingly beautiful landscape of the National Park Dwingelderveld with White Witches and water nymphs. What are those mysterious cart tracks crisscrossing the forest and moors?Can you find out?



Go on a world expedition in one day! The park consists of the jungle, the polar region and the savanna. So you will encounter animals from all continents; asian elephants, lions, camels, humboldt penguins and polar bears. And... come face to face with wild animals on the savanna

  • Prison Museum

    In the Prison Museum you will also discover everything about the history of crime and punishment. You will discover which punishments were given in the past and what a penitentiary looked like long ago. And through various photos and videos you will become acquainted with the prison of today.

  • Veenpark in Barger-Compascuum

    The Veenpark offers a great deal to see, do, discover and learn. Discover the Veenpark by steam train, or use the peat ship. Visit the Aole Compas - a village of sod huts on springy bog. Het Veenpark also has a fantastic new playground.

  • Boomkroonpad

    There is a lot to experience around Het Boomkroonpad! An exciting journey through the carrot tunnel. Like a squirrel through the tops of the trees. Play on De Bosweide or in Het Lorkenspeelbos, where nothing is required and a lot is allowed. For example, building huts or baking sandwiches. Together on a treasure hunt through the forest or with De Bospaardtram along the most beautiful spots of the forestry.

  • Kabouterland & Zoo in Exloo

    Kabouterland is located in the heart of the Drenthe village of Exloo. A fun day out full of gnomes, trolls, animals and plenty of opportunities to play in various playgrounds both indoors and outdoors. So even in bad weather it is a good place to stay at the Gnomes.

  • Fairytale Court

    A visit to the Fairytale Court is an experience and unforgettable for children. In the Fairytale Court you will find the Fairytale Park where you will encounter many well-known fairy tales such as Cinderella and Snow White. a playground with fun attractions and a petting zoo with many animals.

  • Rijk der Kabouters in Eext

    Het Rijk der Kabouters is a quiet family park with a nice gnome forest and a playground with many play attributes. In the gnome forest a walk has been plotted over the winding paths and for those who dare there is also a witch's path. When you've had enough in the forest, you can play in the playground.

  • At Pinokkio

    Adventure and challenge! That is never far away at climbing center In- en outdoor at Pinokkio! Children from 5 years old are challenged to explore and push their surroundings and their own boundaries. The jungle and the climbing park invite you to an extensive voyage of discovery. Discover what In- en outdoor at Pinocchio offers and organizes and view the extensive range of activities.

  • Plopsa Land Indoor Coevorden

    In Plopsa Indoor Coevorden you will find dozens of attractions for children from 2 to 8 years old and you will meet Mega Mindy, Kabouter Plop, Piet Piraat, Samson and Gert and all other Plopsa characters.

  • Drouwenerzand Amusement Park

    Enjoy the many attractions and play equipment in Drouwenerzand Amusement Park. From wonderfully quietly swaying attractions for the little ones to tough, challenging attractions for the older youth. There is much to experience both indoors and outdoors.

Geo Tour Kop van Drenthe

Geo Tour Kop van Drenthe

Go in search of treasures (geocaches) on foot or by bike and discover this region full of stories. While searching for treasures you will pass the most beautiful places in the Kop van Drenthe.

Seven different GeoTours lead you past dolmens, through peatlands and forest, past lakes and stately estates. Are you going on foot or by bike? Do you prefer to search for the caches yourself, or rather with the whole family? It's all possible, nice in the fresh air.

  • KidsCity

    Under the name KidsCity you can enjoy yourself in a specially designed space during the Live Cooking Buffet on Saturday and the Lazy Sunday Brunch. We organize fun activities for the children, such as baking cookies, face painting, watching movies, crafts and they can enjoy themselves on the Playstations or on the bouncy castle. This way, mom and dad can eat well while the kids are having a good time. Guaranteed success! And if the kids are having a good time, so are the parents.



There are countless fun activities for children in Assen and the surrounding area.

Hunebed centrum Borger
ZOO bizar Orvelte
Museumdorp Orvelte
Het Houten Pad van Theodoor Orvelte
Planetron Dwingeloo
Blote voetenpad Opende
Speelgoedmuseum kinderwereld Roden
Nationaal gevangenismuseum Veenhuizen
Aquazoo Leeuwarden
Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen
Attractiepark Duinen Zathe
Klimpark Grolloo
Familiepark Nienoord
Attractie- & Vakantiepark Slagharen
Ballorig Assen
Speel en IJsboerderij De Drentse Koe

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