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For the kids!

The province of Drenthe is the coolest playground in the Netherlands. Leave your iPads and computer games at home; your children will be able to go on amazing adventures, not behind a screen, but out in nature: climbing and romping through the woods, going out with the local shepherd, visiting the gnomes, or spotting wild animals at WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo in Emmen. For both children and parents alike, every day is a celebration when you’re in Drenthe!



You will experience nature in a very close way, hearing, seeing and feeling the animals in an environment without any fences and barriers, similar to their own own, original environment. Here you can experience the daily life of animals!

  • Orvelte museum village

    Orvelte is a community set on the village green in the heart of Drenthe. You can walk, shop and bike in and around the village. The historic thatch roof farms and cobblestone and brick streets give the village a unique atmosphere but Orvelte is also a special village, because history has a future. In Orvelte there is much to see and to experince.Make a trip through time, taste and see Orvelte!

  • Children's museum Full of Energy

    Specifically for children, aged 6 - 12, the Drents Museum has a Children's Museum and one that is full of energy! This interactive Children's museum has been developed in cooperation with the Dutch Oil Company NAM and in a playful way it teaches children how to use energy.

  • Boomkroonpad (Tree canopy walkway)

    The tree canopy walkway offers a lot of fun, among various other things in its surrounding area. Like an exciting tour through the root tunnel. Move like a squirrel through the top of the trees. Play on the Bosweide or in the Lorkenspeelbos, where you can join in but you don't have to. Building huts, for instance, or baking rolls. Go on a hunt through the wood together or take a ride on the "Bospaardentram" past the finest spots within the forestry area.

  • Peat park in Barger-Compascuum

    The Peat park offers quite a few interesting things to see, to do, to explore and to learn. Explore the Peat park by steam train or make use of the peat barge. Visit the Aole Compas- a village of turf huts on bouncy peat. The Peat park has a fantastic new playground as well.

  • Amusement park Sprookjeshof Zuidlaren

    A visit to amusement park Sprookjeshof is an unforgettable event for the children. Here they will encounter many fairy tale figures, including Cinderella and Snowwhite. It also has a playground with fun attraction and a children's farm with many animals.

  • Plopsa Land Indoor Coevorden

    Plopsa Indoor Coevorden is the first plopsa park that is not located in Belgium. Plopsa Indoor offers dozens of attractions for children, aged 2 through 8 and here you can meet Mega Mindy, Kabouter Plop, Piet Piraat, Samson and Gert as well as many other Plopsa figures.

  • The National Prison Museum

    The Prison Museum tells you all about the consequences of deviant behaviour. Stories about poverty, crime and punishment. Stories that make you look at freedom in a different way, that pique your curiosity and that make you think. We give you the opportunity to take it all in and challenge you to form an opinion. One thing that’s certain, is that you’ll leave the Prison Museum with more knowledge than when you arrived.

  • Hunebedcentrum

The Nature Game

The Nature Game

The Nature Game is a magical tablet game. The Spectator is your secret viewer, allowing you to see things that remain hidden to other people. You walk on a treasure map and the compass shows you the way, via videos, riddles, and interactive games. It is a unique story that you can only experience right here.

The Nature Game