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Cycling & Hiking in Drenthe


Drenthe is the cycling province of the Netherlands. On a bike, you quickly discover what makes Drenthe so special. Thousands of kilometers of signposted cycling routes crisscross the region. With this network, you can create endless cycling routes using junction points.

Cycling and walking routes are available at the reception.


Where can you walk for hours without encountering anyone? A change of scenery stimulates the appetite, well, count on a change of landscape encouraging walking! You walk from stream valleys to forests, from heaths to meadows, throughout the day. Along ancient culture and picturesque villages. The images that linger on your retina in the evening leave nothing to be desired!

Bike Rental

  • 7-speed bike: €17.50 per bike per day
  • E-bike: €30.00 per bike per day

Book now with your ValkAccount and receive a €5 discount per bike per day!

Especially for our hotel guests, we have a well-lit and covered bicycle storage area with charging points that can be securely locked.