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Make your stay unforgettable with our extras!

At Van der Valk Hotel Assen, we strive to make your stay unforgettable. Personalize your experience by adding one or more of our special extras to your reservation. Book our extras through your Valk Loyal profile or contact our reception.

You can reach our reception via or +31 592 85 15 15.

For some of our extras, we require payment in advance via a payment link.

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  • Minibar pakket

    Minibar pakket

    If you'd like a stocked mini-fridge upon arrival, please indicate this in your reservation. We'll ensure that the package is ready in the fridge in your room. The package includes soft drinks, beer, white and red wine, and assorted snacks.

  • Valk Lovebox

    Valk Lovebox

    • Massage oil
    • Body cream
    • Rose petals
    • Bath bombs
    • Heart-shaped chocolates

    Relax and indulge with the Valk Love Box!

  • Romantic package

    Romantic package

    • Bottle of bubbles
    • 6 chocolate hearts
    • Rose petals
    • 3 heart-shaped foil balloons

    Let the sparks fly and love blossom with our enchanting romantic package.

  • Beauty Relaxing box

    Beauty Relaxing box

    • Bath salt
    • Shower gel
    • Massage oil
    • Sweet dreams mist
    • Hand soap

    Indulge in pure relaxation with the Relaxing Box from Valk Beauty!

  • Party package

    Party package

    • Bottle of bubbles
    • 2 bags of M&M's
    • Garlads
    • 3 festive foil balloons

    Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a spontaneous celebration, our party package instantly brings the festive mood to your stay!

  • Toucan Kids Package

    Toucan Kids Package

    Spoil your little ones with our Toucan Kids Package, carefully curated for extra fun during your stay! Discover a coloring book with matching pencils, an adorable Toekie plush toy to make your children's overnight stay extra special. All conveniently packed in a cute backpack!

  • Rose petals

    Rose petals

    Enhance your romantic getaway with a touch of magic! Book rose petals as an extra and let us decorate your room romantically.

  • Bottle of bubbles

    Bottle of bubbles

    Cheers to a fantastic stay or a special occasion! We'd be delighted to arrange a bottle of bubbles in your room!

  • Sparkling Prosecco Frizzante

    Sparkling Prosecco Frizzante

    A sparkling experience of gentle bubbles and refined flavor. Enjoy life and raise a glass to a special occasion with our Sparkling Prosecco Frizzante!

  • Bottle of 1862 Merlot

    Bottle of 1862 Merlot

    Discover our Merlot: a wine with a round, smooth texture and the deep flavors of dark fruit. Enjoy a full-bodied taste with every sip.

  • Bottle of 1862 Cabernet Sauvignon

    Bottle of 1862 Cabernet Sauvignon

    Discover our Cabernet Sauvignon: powerful, with notes of red and black berries. An intense flavor adventure for lovers of robust wines.

  • Bottle of 1862 Verdejo

    Bottle of 1862 Verdejo

    Discover our Verdejo wine: a delightful symphony of citrus and exotic fruit, followed by a refined finish that lingers. For those who love refreshing, vibrant wine.

  • Bottle of 1862 Chardonnay

    Bottle of 1862 Chardonnay

    Discover our Chardonnay: juicy, fresh, and with excellent balance. Perfect for those who love vibrant notes and a refreshing wine experience.

  • Bottle of 1862 Sauvignon Blanc

    Bottle of 1862 Sauvignon Blanc

    Discover our Sauvignon Blanc: crisp, dry, and lively in flavor. A great choice for those who appreciate the clarity and characteristic notes of this wine.

  • Bottle of 1862 Pinot Grigio

    Bottle of 1862 Pinot Grigio

    Discover our Pinot Grigio: with delightful flavors of ripe pear, subtle floral notes, and refreshing citrus. An elegant combination that provides fruity and floral pleasure with every sip.

  • Bottle of 1862 Sweet

    Bottle of 1862 Sweet

    Discover our sweet white wine: an elegant combination of freshness and fruity notes. Let yourself be enchanted by the refined sweet taste, making every sip a delight.

  • Bottle of 1862 Rosé

    Bottle of 1862 Rosé

    Discover our Rosé: where the juicy texture and seductive flavors of ripe cherries and sweet strawberries come together. A refreshing and fruity experience that makes every sip a delight.

  • V.I.P. Rosé

    V.I.P. Rosé

    Discover our V.I.P. Rosé: a subtle rosé, with fresh raspberry aromas. A true refinement and refreshment.

  • Enjoy each other deluxe set for couples

    Enjoy each other deluxe set for couples

    Add some extra temptation to your stay with our Enjoy each other deluxe set for couples! Upgrade your experience and enjoy a touch of luxury and pampering. For questions about the content, please email