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Vegatable garden

The vegetable garden has the size of a football pitch. Our work in the garden is subject to organic guidelines and therefore we do not use any fertilizers or conventional pesticides, but natural fertilizers and we control diseases and pests with natural products, in collaboration with Ecostyle. As part of sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship, we feel this is a great initiative, which allows us to contribute to the environment.

The garden has a six-year crop rotation, which means that we come back to the same place with the same vegetables every six years. By doing so, we minimize the chance of specific diseases and pests occurring. In addition we use a green fertilizer every two years, in order to activate and improve soil life.

The vegetable garden contains many herbs, including the chocolate mint plant, which is used to make fresh tea. It goes without saying that every day, during the season all fresh and crunchy vegetables end up on our guests’ plates. The garden also has a thatched cottage, where we welcome groups. It is perfectly suitable for business BBQs, but also for schools, that offer their pupils the opportunity to learn about growing and eating vegetables in an out-of-classroom experience.