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Looking for something special?

  • Looking for something special?

    Meeting in the vegetable garden?

    MEETING IN THE VEGETABLE - Organize a special gathering in nature? Would you like to cooperate in the vegetable garden for an hour between meetings? We are happy to make a customized proposal.

    Van der Valk Hotel Assen has its own vegetable garden.
    Fresh from the country to the restaurant!

    We grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs:

    • ten different herbs, such as mint, chives, coriander, sage and rosemary.
    • nine different types of cabbage such as white and red cabbage, bok choy and Broccoli
    • ten different leafy vegetables such as various types of lettuce, spinach and leek
    • seven different root vegetables such as Chicory, beetroot, carrots and parsnips.
    • Six types of vegetables that do not fall under the previous category, such as beans, cucumber, zucchini, rhubarb and nature

  • Looking for something special?

    Baby Borrel

    CELEBRATE THE COMING OF THE LITTLE! - Celebrate a birth festively?

    Receive all visitors at one time in a beautiful setting?

    Then the baby shower is a good idea for you! We decorate a suitable room in the right colors. Provide a complete drink with savory and / or sweet treats in the "right" color and take all the hassle out of your hands so that you can fully enjoy all the visitors and the attention for your newborn baby

Request a quote

Request a quote

Would you like to receive a quote without obligation? Please contact;
Harry de Boer & Marlies van Guldener