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Cancellation of hotel accommodation

Should a booking for a hotel accommodation, with our without breakfast, have been made for one or more individuals, 
the following with regard to the cancellation of that booking applies:
Until when can I cancel free of charge?

You can cancel all types of reservations, with the exception of non-refundable and suites/family rooms, free of charge
until 12:00 (12 pm) on the day of arrival. 
Suites and family rooms can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival. 
What does '12 noon on the day of arrival' mean?
Check-in is possible from 2pm on the day of arrival. In addition, you can cancel your reservation free of charge 
until 12:00 (12 pm) on the day of arrival. 
What is a non-refundable reservation?
This is a reservation that you must pay online immediately during the booking and which can then no longer be 
canceled or changed. 
Why should I choose the non-refundable rate?
Because you waive flexible cancellation and pay the reservation directly online, we give you a discount. 
The non-refundable rate is therefore always the most advantageous rate available.